About us

Stand4 Workshops is associated with Values for Life (V4L) which is an educational program that inspires all school students to develop community building values, make wise choices and fulfil their potential on a range of youth topics.
V4L began in 1968 as the pioneering affective domain education program in Australia. It arose from the need to start addressing some of the social issues that young people face when growing up, in a time when schools were primarily addressing academic goals. Since then we have spoken to over a million students, teachers and parents, with the primary purpose of helping young people make positive life choices at all stages of development.
Both Stand4 and V4L programs are associated with Concern Australia - a not-for-profit organisation that supports young people.


The student and parent workshops discuss drugs and alcohol in society - the science, decision-making processes, peer pressure and how it impacts the individual and the community. We are committed to working with the school to identify the most effective program that suits the needs of the school community and recognise that prevention programs are highly successful when part of a community effort. We also provide additional resources including teacher lesson plans so that it produces a long lasting and maximum benefit to students.

Teacher Feedback

"The presenters were fantastic -
always engaging and relating to the students in ways they easily understood."
"Fantastically presented"
"Extremely relevant and thought provoking"
"I'd certainly recommend you, you do a fantastic job!"

Student Feedback

"Today really opened my eyes and made me think about my actions."
"Made me realise how important life is and the choices that you make."
"I thought this workshop was good because it showed practical solutions for what happens in the real world."
"This stuff is inspirational! It changed my attitude and gave me insight."


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